Grilled Pork Ribs with Fried Rice

Rice plate grilled pork egg

Broken rice with pork ribs is a famous Vietnamese dish loved by many people. To make this delicious rice dish, you need to have some secrets that Boulder Pho Longmont will share with you in the detailed instructions below.

How about making this dish on the weekend? Com Tam is a very attractive and delicious dish, just follow the recipe below to have a delicious dish to enjoy and treat everyone.


1. Grilled Ribs

  • Cutlet: 3 slices
  • Honey: 2 tablespoons
  • Salt: 1 teaspoon
  • Fish sauce: 1 tablespoon
  • Oyster oil: 2 small spoons
  • Sesame oil: 1 teaspoon
  • Spices: garlic, dried onion, pepper.

2. Meat Parts

  • Meat: 400g
  • Packaging: 200g Sticky rice: 1/2 bowl
  • Seasoning: seasoning, salt, pepper, garlic, fish sauce, sugar

3. Eggs

  • Chicken eggs: 4 eggs
  • Ground lean meat: 1/3 bowl
  • Bun vermicelli: 1-2 rolls Small onion: 1/4
  • Wood ear: a few ears Spices: pepper, salt, sugar, seasoning, dried onions, fish sauce.

4. Other Ingredients

  • Part of onion fat: cooking oil, green onions.
  • The dipping sauce: chili, delicious fish sauce, sugar, vinegar.
  • Sours and vegetables served: carrots, sugar, vinegar, salt, can add white radish. Tomato, vegetables and cucumber served.
  • Broken rice.


1. Cook Rice

Wash broken rice 2, 3 times with clean water and then add water, cook like normal rice.

2. Making Grilled Ribs

Grilled pork
Wash the cutlets, then boil the water, bare the meat once, then rinse with clean water, drain.

Crush garlic and dried onions.

Marinate the meat with salt, honey, oyster sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil, pepper and crushed garlic and onions, mix well to infuse the meat with spices.

Put the meat in the oven to cook or grill on the charcoal stove until the meat is fragrant and cooked evenly on both sides. Note, during the roasting process, occasionally spread the meat sauce on the surface of the meat, so that the meat will not dry out and be more delicious.

3. Making Meat Skins

Wash the skin and lean meat, then marinate the meat with a little crushed garlic, a spoon of salt, two spoons of fish sauce, two spoons of sugar, a spoon of pepper and a spoon of seasoning. Mix well to absorb the meat and let it sit for 3 to 4 hours.

In a pot of boiling water, put the skins in and boil them quickly, take them out to cool and cut them into strips.

Put the pan on the stove, add a little oil. Wait for the oil to boil, then add the meat and cook until golden brown on both sides. Next, remove the meat to cool and shred.

Wash the glutinous rice thoroughly, put it in a basket and drain. Then, roast the rice until fragrant and evenly golden, then put the rice in the blender, grind it finely to make hearing.

Put shredded meat, skin and hearing into a large bowl, mix well.

4. Making Egg Rolls

Soak the wood ear mushrooms in cold water until soft, then remove the feet and finely chop them.

Use scissors to cut the vermicelli, onion, then cut into small dices.

Put all ingredients in a bowl, mix well (you can leave 1 egg yolk to spread on the surface of the cake to be beautiful). Next, season with fish sauce, salt, sugar and seasoning to suit your taste.

Bring the mixture to bake or steamed to finish.

5. Making Sours

Carrots are peeled, washed and cut into bite-sized pieces. Next, add 1/2 teaspoon of salt and a little vinegar to the carrots, mix well and leave for about 15 minutes.

Mix the soaking water in the ratio of 1 water: 1 vinegar: 1/2 sugar, stir well.

Prepare a glass jar, squeeze out the water in the carrots and put them in, then pour the soaked water into the jar, close the lid for about 2 hours to be able to eat.

6. Making Sauce

Boil fish sauce, sugar, water and vinegar in the ratio 3:3:3:1 and then slowly add fish sauce, vinegar to taste.

Wash the chili and put it in a pot to boil with a little water until soft, take it out and put it in a bowl.

Chop the chili out, fry the garlic and then add the chili with sugar, vinegar (1 spoon each), boil for 5 minutes and then add fish sauce.

7. Grease Onions

Wash scallions, chop them into a bowl and add a little salt and sugar to taste.

Heat the cooking oil and pour it into the onion bowl.


Put broken rice on a plate with ribs, pork belly and garnish with vegetables, tomatoes, enjoy with pickles and dipping sauce. With tender, sweet ribs and fragrant sticky rice, this dish is sure to make you a delicious and enjoyable meal.

Hopefully, with the above method of making broken rice with pork ribs, you will have a delicious dish to show off your talents to treat everyone. I wish you success!